Why Join the CDP?

We are the only Christian values party sitting within an Australian parliament.

We need people who will commit themselves to supporting the ongoing work of the Christian Democratic Party, and be involved in the new directions in which we are heading. We need more MPs in State and Federal Parliament in the years ahead. Then, as now, when Legislation is introduced into Parliament, it will be evaluated from a Christian perspective.

Ten Good Reasons to Join CDP

  1. You will be committing yourself to be active in the process of government, and will be prayerfully and practically supporting the only Christian Political Party which represents the views of the Christian Churches (and people who espouse Christian values) in Parliament.
  2. You will immediately be connected to the inside of CDP; able to access a range benefits not available to non-members and have access to a Secure Internet Site for Members only.
  3. You will be more informed about the hard work that Rev Hon Fred Nile, Hon Paul Green and their team are doing on behalf of the Christian community in Parliament. You will receive regular publications, emails and letters from CDP to keep you fully informed of issues coming before Parliament, and legislation which may affect you and the wider community.
  4. You can be actively involved in having your say, through the CDP Policy Discussion forum and with people connected via the Internet who meet at various locations throughout the year.
  5. You will help CDP to grow its support base.
  6. You will help to fund proper professional research and polling of community attitudes, and will enable proper consultation among our churches on issues in Parliament.
  7. You will be assisting Head Office with its administration and employment expenses.
  8. You will be able to join your local CDP Branch and help resource our staff to assist in the establishment of new Branches across the States and Territories. (See elsewhere on this website or contact the CDP office for details – phone (02) 9633 3255 or 1300 667 975)
  9. You will assist CDP to mount effective Publicity Campaigns without the distraction of trying to raise money in a very short time.
  10. Your financial support will ensure the future of the Christian Democratic Party.



What happens next?

If you become a Member of CDP, or renew your Membership, you may elect to contribute your dues as a small amount each month from your Credit Card or Bank Account to go directly into the CDP account until you advise to the contrary. If you prefer to be a Supporter of CDP without becoming a member, you may also contribute a set amount, determined by you, from your account to the CDP account. Membership fees (or pledges of on-going financial support) are vital for CDP to enable the proper consultation among our churches, professional research and polling of community attitudes, the employment of staff to build CDP and support Branches in all Electorates. The normal monthly membership fee is currently $10 (Single) and $15 (Couple). Please contact the office for details (see point 8 above).

Get Involved Today

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