Membership and Branches Manager

Parramatta Office, Sydney
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Description of Duties

  1. Position:
    • Manager
  2. Role:
    • To ensure that the branch and membership procedures and systems of the CDP are effectively managed.
    • To provide customer relations and marketing, and be proficient with database maintenance and social networking.
    • To plan, implement, and grow membership and branch strategies for the CDP. The Manager is directly responsible to the Operations Manager, and works closely with, the NSW State Director. Also required to liaise with senior Managers and Management Committee as and when needed
  3. Responsibilities:
    • The development of both membership, including participation in events and branch education seminars as opportunities to build relationships.
    • Develop innovative suggestions to improve the strategy, and creative in packaging and promoting membership.
    • Develop goals and action plans with State Director for membership development and retention, including corporate sponsorships.
    • Provide analysis of existing programmatic and membership materials as well as membership retention rates and opportunities for improvement.
    • Develop strategic plan for expanding corporate sponsorship program, improving member benefit offerings, and increasing overall membership.
    • Develop and implement strategy for increasing non-dues revenue.
    • Write membership and sponsorship recruitment materials, appeal letters, brochures, etc.
    • Initiate internal communications, including developing newsletter content, email blasts, event announcements, awareness of member benefits, etc.
    • Develop regular mechanisms for providing excellent customer service to existing corporate partners and relationship building with prospective partners.
    • Identify, recruit, provide member services, and track benefits provided to corporate sponsors to ensure that all sponsors receive benefits offered.
    • Ensure sponsorships and donations are accurately acknowledged and tracked and create partnership proposals for prospective corporate members.
    • Respond promptly to inquiries from prospective members, members, Directors, and others.
    • Assist in creating and updating membership and marketing materials, including letters, flyers for upcoming events, welcome packets, fact sheets, directories, surveys, and others.
    • Assist the State Director and Operations Manager as necessary in planning and executing events and day-to-day operations of the office.
    • Manage execution of bi-monthly membership meetings and up to 10 regional and one national conference(s) per year to cultivate relationships and CDP image.
    • Monitor processing incoming mail with regard to membership enrolments, cancellations, queries and complaints
    • Produce and distribute monthly reminders, in conjunction with accounts, to persons whose credit cards are about to expire, and to persons paying by cheque, whose membership subscriptions are due or overdue and follow up with accounts overdue membership subscriptions and refused credit cards;
    • Use database to maintain and improve reports and letters for generation by the ThankQ Database for membership management
    • Provide monthly Membership Reports for the CDP Membership Officer at least 3 days before each Management Committee Meeting
  4. Necessary Skills:
    • Excellent knowledge of marketing and customer service, including setting up and managing database files
    • Comfortable writing strategic membership plans, analysing markets and marketing potential
    • Skilled at writing promotional materials, membership materials, and developing newsletter content
    • Adept at making a sales pitch, comfortable with fundraising, and recruiting new corporate partners
    • Ability to nurture ongoing relationships with corporate partners to ensure solid retention each year
    • Above average Word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, email, social media marketing and ability to maintain and add records, run reports and manipulate lists
    • Articulate and comfortable picking up the phone and calling people to track down information, following up on lapsed memberships, and responding to inquiries.
    • Extremely well organized, goal-oriented and very high attention to detail.
  5. Other duties as required by the State Manager

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