CDP Team

Federal, State and Local.

The CDP exists to encourage Christian representation in every level of government – Federal, State and Local – by seeing Christian candidates endorsed, supported and elected across the country.
A Voice for Family, A Voice for Values. The One True Conservative Alternative.

CDP Team

The Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC, acknowledged for his honest and courageous stands on issues that cause great public unrest and concern is the Federal President of the Christian Democratic Party. The NSW State President is Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC and Annie Wright is NSW Acting State Manager.

For over 35 years, the CDP has represented the concerns of people who support Christian values, schools and caring institutions, family life, and who uphold the importance of the Commonwealth Constitution. While we have fought for the values that made our nation, we are committed to the future development of our nation as an inclusive community based on cohesive values that made us a people.

The Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC ED LTh MLC

Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC ED LTh MLC

The Rev Hon. Fred Nile is the Federal President of the Christian Democratic Party and has led the party from its beginning, he is also the longest serving member of the New South Wales parliament. First elected to the NSW Legislative Council 1981 as a member of the Call to Australia, which has become the current Christian Democratic Party in 1999. Nile has served in succession terms since.
Fred Nile was a Major in the Australia Army Reserve during the Vietnam conflict.
Prior to being elected into the NSW Parliament, Nile served as a Congregational Minister. He has also been involved in other pro-family groups and has a long history of campaigning for family and faith.
Married to Silvana, Nile is a proud father of four. Nile is also the current president of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches.


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