Lead Senate Candidate for Tasmania: Silvana Nero-Nile

Silvana Nero-Nile endorsed as Lead Senate Candidate for Tasmania in the upcoming Federal Election.

Silvana Nero-Nile has been successfully elected unopposed by the Federal Administration Committee as the lead Senate candidate for Tasmania for the CDP.

Silvana is a dynamic and focused leader who is passionate about family values and the upholding of Australia’s Judeo-Christian values. She has received a Diploma in Primary Teaching from The Australian Catholic University and a Bachelor of Education from The University of New England, in addition to numerous other qualifications including postgraduate studies both domestically and overseas. Silvana has over 30 years of experience as an educator from preschool to high school aged children.

With her husband Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Silvana recently visited Tasmania and toured the entire island.  During their visit, they spoke with locals regarding the lack of strong conservative MPs in Tasmania as well as the lack of Christian leadership at a time when cultural shifts in the State have resulted in one of the Nation’s most senior Catholic Church leaders, Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous, being subject to harassment and legal threats.

Upon her recent visit to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) Silvana was shocked to witness the alarmingly overt adult-themed content of the exhibitions, which were categorised under general admission, “I was disturbed and disappointed by its obscenities and pornographic nudity. There was no prior warning to families with small children about the exhibitions’ age inappropriateness… many of the exhibitions contravened human decency, good values and morals which should be exercised and encouraged on a daily basis in our society, especially in the presence of our children.”

“Silvana will play a leading role in formally re-establishing the CDP in Tasmania and planting branches all over the State to ensure the CDP fields great local candidates to all levels of government in Tasmania. I will be personally assisting Silvana in her campaign in Tasmania and will accompany her on the campaign trail” said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Federal President.

Silvana will campaign for pro-family, pro-marriage and pro-life policies.

Policy Platform includes:

  • Upholding traditional marriage between a man and a woman
  • One Law for all Australians (No Sharia Law/ No Halal tax)
  • Preserving our Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion
  • Amending the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – SECT 18C.
  • Upholding our Constitutional Monarchy and the Magna Carta
  • Establishing Incentive packages to create employment for the youth and young families
  • No coal-seam gas mining
  • Creating more jobs by restoring Forestry in Tasmania only through new growth and plantation forests
  • Supporting the agricultural industry by subsidising land for these industries to create jobs
  • Generating affordable housing and rent
  • Maintaining a Pro-Life stance
  • Addressing Domestic Violence
  • Cancelling the dangerous ‘Safe Schools Program’
  • Improving health infrastructure
  • Helping the Christian refugees crisis

If elected to the Federal Senate, Silvana Nero-Nile will ensure the voice of the mainstream, conservative Australians in Tasmania is heard. For 35 years the CDP has stood for Aussie values and traditions, job and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better healthcare and workplace equality and One Law for all Australians.

The CDP launched the National Federal Election campaign in Canberra on 18 April 2016. The Federal Campaign launch in Tasmania will be from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd May 2016.


Silvana Nero-Nile

Silvana Nero-Nile

Lead Senate Candidate for TAS

Enquiries: senatetas@cdp.org.au

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