Lead Senate Candidate for QLD: Wayne Solomon

Wayne Solomon endorsed as the lead Senate Candidate in QLD for the Federal Election.

Born and bred in QLD, Wayne is originally from the working town of Ipswich.

Wayne has extensive experience as a Senior Business Analyst and is currently a Manager of Systems Development. 

Wayne will ensure the voice of mainstream conservative Australians in Queensland is heard through supporting fundamental  family values, as Queenslanders look for a genuine conservative option with a proven track record.

“I am a happily married man celebrating 20 years of marriage this year to my darling wife Margie and a proud stepfather to two sons. As such I stand for Christian values, a strong belief in the sanctity of Marriage, equal pay for all doing the same work and responsibility, Health care being made available for all with a balance between Hospital wait time, Health fund costs and fees charges for Medical visits and procedures and pharmaceutical costs “ said Wayne Solomon CDP Lead Senate Candidate for QLD


“Furthermore, I believe schools are there to educate our children for the best start in their working and family life not turn out young adults who need a machine to do simple arithmetic because they can’t add and subtract and who have trouble spelling and reading.

What do our schools focus on, the ‘Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) Program’, which claims to be ‘Anti-bullying’? I am pro Anti-bullying but the SSCA does not address the problems experienced by the vast majority of school children who are regularly bullied because of their body shape or size, school grade, race or ethnicity, religious beliefs or family, as shown by a study of 105,000 students. Sexual orientation did not rate in the top seven causes of bullying. This program needs to be stopped and the $8M dollars spent on better educating our children” said Wayne Solomon CDP Lead Senate Candidate for QLD

QLD Specific Policy Platform includes:

  • Will prioritize for urgent Federal funding allocation for Townsville Stadium
  • Urgent road infrastructure upgrades to Pacific Highway (especially between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast) and upgrades to Ipswich Highway. 

“I also stand for Queensland gaining their rightful share of Federal Tax’s to maintain the State infrastructure, Hospitals, ports, sporting facilities and tourism that is needed to further enhance the liveability of Queensland and increase job opportunities“ said Wayne Solomon CDP Lead Senate Candidate for QLD

For 35 years the CDP has stood for Aussie values and traditions, job and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better healthcare, workplace equality and One Law for all Australians


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