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Long-time CDP member, local Project Manager, and community service volunteer Tom Arentz is our CDP candidate to contest the Wagga Wagga (state) by-election.

Tom is not new to elections having previously run as a candidate for Tumut Council, and has been a CDP member since the Call To Australia days in the 1970s, thus he has been involved in many CDP campaigns. Here is the link to the bio for Tom Arentz Bio.

Download the CDP Wagga Wagga By-Election How To Vote Card

Our preferences carry significance as we often determine who gets in and many Liberals are only in Parliament because of our preferences. Indeed the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers won Orange directly as a result of the 500 votes that CDP preferences gave them.

We regard Wagga Wagga as an important part of our regional constituency and we recently held a branch meeting in Wagga Wagga with CDP NSW Upper House member Hon. Paul Green MLC attending personally.

Please be in prayer for Tom and the team in Wagga Wagga.

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