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Annual Convention Pricing Announced

Prices for the CDP Constitution Convention "Rise of the Minor Parties" has just been announced. $200 for full conference (+20% single room supplement, if available). $40 One day of conference plus 1 meal $20 One day of conference plus morning and afternoon tea $20...

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CDP News – Issue 12 – Focus on Branches

CDP News Issue 12 is now available for download here. Topics include State Manager's Report YCDP Network Annual Dinner - RSVP by Friday 16/6 Photos - Victories - Abortion Bill & Council Amalgamations; Mothers Day Consider Donating and/or Becoming a Member....

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“I am very concerned about the proposed Euthanasia Bill, which the proponents have tried to make it acceptable with age limits, etc; but the principle is the same – Doctors are committed to saving lives not killing their patients”, said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader...

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Young CDP Convenor’s Report May 2017

Well, I said that April was going to be a busy month! Lunch, internships, Easter - it’s all been happening. On the 1st of April, we headed into the Sydney CBD for a casual catch-up with some delicious Mexican food for lunch. Also in April, YCDP’s first intern started...

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CDP News – Issue 11

There's A Baby On The Way!! When was the last time you heard really good news? One time I found out someone in my family was expecting a baby. It was early days, only family were allowed to know, yet. So I couldn't tell anyone else. It. Was. AGONY! Forget Donald Trump...

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Abortion Petition

The Green's MLC Mehreen Faruqi is trying to repeal the Abortion Laws of NSW. Her bill repeals all laws prohibiting abortion including our common law. It puts NSW women at greater risk of harm in abortion by removing restrictions against unqualified persons performing...

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Young CDP Convenor’s Report April 2017

April is going to be an exciting month for Young CDP! YCDP is kicking off the month with lunch in the city. Join us for discussions about current social and political issues. We are seeking to start up our internship program. Are you under 30? Do you have an interest...

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Salvation In The Heart Of Sydney

Salvation is often on the mind of Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC. It's one of the things the Christian Church does best. It's also one of the reasons why the Reverend is a passionate supporter of preserving the heritage of this nation. So it's no surprise the holder of the...

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