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Eden-Monaro By-Election Policies         


Rebuild local industries and agriculture to address vulnerabilities in Australias supply of food,
pharmaceutical drugs, fuel and manufactured products. It is urgent that these issues are
addressed now by strategies to rebuild industry and encouraging spending in the local market.


CDP cares about the vulnerable and advocates for low income earners and the unemployed to
promote a more flourishing society. Australia’s First Persons, people with a disability, mental
health issues, the Homeless, and Aged Care will not be forgotten.


CDP recognizes that our young people need greater services and infrastructure throughout the
electorate of Eden-Monaro, including better access to trades and higher education. We will
support more funding for programs that enable Regional Youth to remain in the local area.


CDP supports a National approach water, with better management to safeguard our rivers,
lakes and creeks, to protect our people, the oyster and fishing industries and the primary
producers in the electorate.


CDP supports reductions in the price of electricity and calls for a Royal Commission if prices are
not fair and equitable. We advocate for a better deal for renewable energy infrastructure and will
support research and development of green technologies.


CDP recognizes the tourist industry has been hard hit by bushfires and Covid 19 and will need
help to adapt. We will support policies to protect income and jobs.


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