Your Liberty is at stake

The Christian Democratic Party, since it’s inception in 1977 has long been a party of personal conscience and faith.

We now remark on the dire straits of your Australian liberties.

Never in our history have Australian’s been denied inter-state domestic travel. Never in our history has free speech been so zealously shut down.

Requiring a ‘vaccine passport’ to freely travel across Australia  is anathema to our values and constitution. This is something that the CDP is deeply opposed to.

Senator Malcolm Roberts gave a speech in the Australian Senate highlighting the fact that Big Pharma and Big Tech are financially intertwined which poses a serious conflict of interest.

“There have been deaths from the vaccines. Thousands of people overseas have died from it. There have been a wide variety of side effects from the vaccine, such as blood clots. The vaccines fail to prevent transmission of the virus. The vaccines fail to stop someone getting the virus and getting sick” Senator Roberts said.

The Health minister himself said, “the world is engaged in the largest clinical vaccination  trial”.

The Hon Craig Kelly is a serving member of Australian Parliament and has also been a vocal critic of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, public health orders and the looming spectre of ‘vaccine passports’. Facebook has permanently banned Kelly’s official electorate page in effect removing him from public discourse on the worlds most popular social media platform. Kelly said:

“It is not misinformation if you have a difference of opinion,”

“The idea that they (Facebook) are some purveyors of all truth is just absolutely outrageous.”

The Christian Democratic Party is explicitly opposed to any and all forms of discrimination or hardship incurred by those who refuse to take a Covid-19 Vaccine.

The CDP is explicitly opposed to any form of vaccine passport that would prevent domestic or international travel.

If an Australian adult of legal capacity refuses a vaccine for Covid 19 – this would violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Mandatory vaccinations for Covid 19, work restrictions and other forms of discrimination based on vaccination status, would also violate principles of the NSW and National Governments.

The CDP supports free speech and open discussion on this issue. The Government and media need to dial down the hysteria and ease back the restrictions.

How many people are actually sick from Covid? We know that approximately 17%  of Covid 19  sufferers are asymptomatic, which means no sickness at all; most others are mild infections. Australia has had minimal fatalities compared to the rest of the world and currently no one in hospital.  Therefore this is not a justifiable reason to lock down our Country.

So why is our Government again forcing our citizens into this lockdown. Government is using more fear and confusion to control the people. Authoritarianism is creeping in wrecking the economy and people’s livelihood. This is totalitarian behaviour.  People are using the pandemic to grab power and drive through things that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

We note that in the Phillipines President Duterte is s threatening to arrest or exile citizens who do not take the vaccine.

Novelist George Orwell stated,  “We know that no-one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”.

The Christian Democratic Party is opposed to tyranny in all forms, whether they be spiritual or material and supports your God given liberties.

 It is time we all woke up.

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

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