Last month, I gave a Young CDP update at the CDP Annual Convention. It was a great weekend, and I enjoyed spending time with many new and long-standing CDP supporters. Here are some of the points that I shared in my update:

We are preparing to re-launch Young CDP with new goals and initiatives.

These include more events, more projects, internship opportunities, and other ways for young people to be active in the party. We want to see young people grow in their knowledge and passion for politics and government.

To keep our members and supporters updated about our events and projects and about topical issues, we are looking to start the YCDP network. This resource will be email and social-media based, to ensure that we can reach a younger audience and keep them engaged.

As the threats to our freedom of speech and religion grow, this highlights the need for young Christians to have a forum, an outlet, to not only express their views freely, but to also take action on those views.

It is so important for us to have a presence – on social media, on our university campuses, and in the public space. We need to be there.

To do this, I need your help. Often, the best way to make contact with people is through a mutual friend, someone who already has that connection, that relationship. I am more than willing to come and share about Young CDP at youth groups, hold stalls at community events, host DVD nights or info sessions in your area, and to meet with interested individuals. The possibilities are endless! But to reach out to churches, youth groups, and young people in general, it is always easier if you know someone who is involved. If you can see opportunities such as these in your area, please don’t hesitate to let me know, or to try and get an invitation for me to speak.

I am excited for the future of Young CDP. One of the reasons that I am excited is because I have the support and encouragement of great colleagues, who are sharing their knowledge and experience with me and are inspiring me to aim for bigger and higher goals with Young CDP. What I ask of each of you is to please work with me and Young CDP to reach those goals.

You can contact Michelle Ryan and Young CDP at

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