When I consider the Safe Schools Coalition course, I thought of my own childhood. The course, which is marketed as an ‘anti-bullying’ curriculum, introduces and encourages among other and more explicit topics, cross dressing and same-sex relationships to children as young as eleven. At that age, I was focused on completing my daily studies so that I could play with my siblings and friends. Thoughts about sexuality and gender ‘preferences’ were far from our minds. Boys were boys and girls were girls. Now, eleven-year-olds will be told that to call someone a boy or a girl because they were born that gender is ‘heterosexist’. The curriculum also encourages children who are questioning what their gender is to use the bathroom which they prefer. Can you imagine what it would be like for your child to walk into the bathroom and find a child of the same age or older of the opposite gender in there? This isn’t a way to make children feel safe. On the contrary, it leaves them vulnerable. Kids who are uncomfortable with this ideology or have a different view are then made to feel like they are bigots and feel pressure to change their view. This could be seen as a form of bullying in itself.  I agree that bullying is a traumatic experience for many young people, and must be prevented. However, this course isn’t about anti-bullying, it’s a social experiment that should not be carried out on children. Let’s really address bullying, not add to the already over-sexualised world our children live in. Let’s allow kids to be who they are – kids.

Michelle Ryan
Young CDP Convener

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