In an outrageous attack on justice, democracy and a slap in the face for free speech, Bill Shorten’s first question within minutes of the High Court decision was to the Prime Minister, inviting him to write to every Australian and telling them to vote yes. Just a few hours earlier, Mr Shorten was worried about the cost of the postal survey, but now he saw no problem with spending tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to support his view.

The Prime Minister reminded him of his earlier words at an Australian Christian Lobby event.

Christian voices ARE being heard. The tide is turning and the Moral Majority are starting to rise up.

Thank God, the High Court has allowed for every Australian to have their say.

Hon Paul Green MLC, released this statement within hours of the High Court’s decision, urging all sides to have a respectful debate.

Please share the good news with your family, friends and contacts. We want everyone to vote!

And if you can contribute financially – this is a crucial time to do so!


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