Conservative politics has one fundamental principle; conserve the tried and true unless it can be shown that the change will make the generations to come better off than past generations.

So we start from a default position to vote “No” to the proposed changes to redefine marriage.

Then we examine the evidence to see if the change can be shown to make the generations to come better off than past generations. Here’s some resources to help you decide on our children’s future…

  1. Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC made a strong case to Save Marriage and Vote “No” in August edition of Family World News – also features other prominent leaders.
  2. Brian Houston, leader of Hillsong Church has made a statement defending the biblical definition of marriage as between a man and woman.
  3. Phil & Chris Pringle, leaders of C3 Church have made a statement urging followers to Vote ‘No’ in the upcoming postal survey.
  4. Ps Joel Cheliah, leader of Centrepoint Church, sent a statement including possible consequences of the change, supporting the Vote ‘No’ choice.
  5. Coalition for Marriage have a lot of great resources for “The Silent Majority” on their website.
  6. Christian Federation have a list of statements by church leaders and other resources for voting ‘No’.
  7. Are we lifting up the next generation to make their future better than ours? Excellent Quadrant article by Augusto Zimmerman, recommended by Rev Nile, on Children’s Welfare in Same-Sex Families.
  8. In a powerful video, the hackers’ group, Anonymous, outlines their belief that a vote for yes is a vote for child abuse.
  9. Video and Transcript of ABC’s 7.30 program 7/9/17 Senator Eric Abetz and NSW member of the Upper House, Alex Greenwich, discuss the decision by the High Court to dismiss challenges to the Federal Government’s same sex marriage postal survey.
  10. Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP “5 Reasons I Will Be Voting No”
  11. Marriage Brochures – A Call to Prayer is available to distribute to your church.
  12. “Save Marriage! Vote ‘No’.” Bumper Stickers are also available – please email with your best postal address.

CDP has a foundational principle to protect and advance Judeo-Christian values, as revealed in the written word of God, through Godly government. We will continue to promote the biblical definition of marriage (one man and one woman) to remain the legal standard adopted by Australian governments, to the glory of God!

If you’d like FREE bumper stickers to distribute to your CDP branch, church, or association, we’d love to resource you. Please let us know the postal address you’d like us to send your bundle to when you email your request to

If you are able to do so at this very crucial time, please consider making a donation so we can share this message with as many Aussies as possible.

Pic Credit: Valeria Zoncoll


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