Vale Rod Marsh and Shane Warne

Legends of Australian Cricket

March 7, 2022

With deep sadness, I note the passing of two very fine Australian cricketers, West Australian Rod Marsh MBE and Victorian Shane Warne. Marsh and Warne were the very best that have ever played for the Australian Cricket team.

Both men passed away on the same day of heart attacks, first was Marsh at the age of 74 and Warne 52. Warne paid tribute to Marsh on Twitter as news of his death came out:

“Sad to hear the news that Rod Marsh has passed. He was a legend of our great game & an inspiration to so many young boys & girls. Rod cared deeply about cricket & gave so much-especially to Australia & England players. Sending lots & lots of love to Ros & the family. RIP mate”

This mateship and camaraderie displayed by Warne towards Marsh speaks to his character and that of the respect and love that Australian cricketers have for one another.

There will be a state funeral for Shane Warne which will be attended by his family, friends, the Prime Minister and many other members of the community. Our heartfelt prayers go out to their loved ones and friends.

Marsh is survived by his wife Ros and children Paul, Daniel and Jamie.

Warne is survived by his former wife Simone and three children Brooke, Summer and Jackson.

Our prayers and hearts join grief with the family and friends during this time.

May they rest in peace.

Yours faithfully,


Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

CDP State President

02 9230 2478

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