Rev Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has strongly condemned the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris on 7th January 2015 where eight peaceful journalist cartoonists, especially Stephane Charbonnier the heroic Editor of Charlie Hebdo magazine, a protective policeman, a visitor and a maintenance worker were brutally murdered as they sat in their offices, by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi. Twenty others were shot and four were in critical condition.

The Rev Fred Nile also condemned the Islamic terrorist anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish Kosher marketplace with fifteen trapped hostages. Four Jewish hostages were then killed in cold blood which confirms the hatred the Islamic terrorists direct at innocent Jewish civilians around the world and particularly in Israel.

These Islamic terrorists clearly revealed their motivation as they constantly shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is great) and “We have avenged the prophet Mohammed, we have killed Charlie Hebdo”, especially as they murdered the French cartoonists from the satirical magazine.

The Islamic terrorists, who had acquired military style AK-47 assault automatic rifles, had apparently been trained by Islamic groups in Yemen, which is why they carried out their attacks with calm military precision.

One of the wounded French policemen, Ahmed Merabet, called for mercy but the gunman shot him in the head eight times.

This is an attack of freedom of the press a key element of our free democratic culture. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the innocent victims of these terrorist attacks.

The attack on the Jewish market place was carried out by Amedy Coulibaly, supported by his female partner, Hayat Boumeddiene. When the French police raided the marketplace, to save the hostages, the terrorist was shot but his female partner, who it was believed had earlier killed a French police woman, is now believed to be in Syria.

“I have been strong in my opposition in allowing Islamic terrorists to return to Australia from Iraq and Syria. It is estimated that at least twenty of these men are now back in Sydney, Australia. For years my warnings concerning radical Islam have gone unheeded. Now we have a global war on our doorsteps and we must act as have the one million citizens of France in their protests against Islamic terrorism” said Rev Fred Nile.

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