We are pleased to announce that The Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) has confirmed its senate and house of representative candidates across the country. All senate tickets (in every state and territory) will have a box above the line and there are 55 lower house candidates contesting seats in NSW, TAS and SA.

People across Australia are seeing the damage that the major parties and the Greens are wreaking upon this country, and are seeking a viable alternative, one offering strong, principled, upstanding and values-based leadership.

The CDP is the only party with a 35-year electoral track record of promoting and defending conservative and Christian values. We are a party that stands behind what made Australia great, and have the prudence to safeguard our children from the dangers that are clearly coming.

Every state and territory will have the chance to defy the sexualisation of our children and stop the unsafe schools program. All Australians will have the opportunity to oppose the undermining of marriage, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Australians in every electorate will be able to reject the creeping imposition of Sharia law. All of us will have the chance to put Christianity and democracy back into the landscape of Australian federal politics.

The CDP’s candidates are all working class professionals and academics with real world experience who come from diverse denominational and cultural backgrounds, representing a diverse cross section of Australian society. We are also pleased to have a high percentage of women leading winnable senate tickets across the country. Our candidates are selected on merit and not as a result of any politically correct affirmative action regimes that the major parties often brag about.

If elected to Federal Parliament, our CDP members and senators will continue to defend our children, schools, Christian schools, health, Super retirement savings, aged care, security, marriage, freedom of speech and Persecuted Christians. The CDP will introduce policies that address the housing affordability crisis without damaging investors and landlords.

Lead senate candidates for the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) across Australia are;

Sydney, NSW: Nella Hall senatensw@cdp.org.au Phone: 0406-962-930
Melbourne, VIC: May Hanna senatevic@cdp.org.au or call May on 0412-900-398
Brisbane, QLD: Wayne Solomon senateqld@cdp.org.au Phone: 0448-863-335
Perth, WA: Dr Mark Imisides senatewa@cdp.org.au or call Mark on 0414-759-565
Adelaide, SA: Matt Attia senatesa@cdp.org.au Phone: 0477-097-229
Hobart, TAS: Silvana Nero-Nile senatetas@cdp.org.au Phone: 0410 044 030
Canberra, ACT: Rev Dr David Kim davidwj_kim@yahoo.co.uk Phone: 0490-107-579
Darwin, NT: Carol Ordish carol.ordish@gmail.com or call 0402-904-255

For 35 years the CDP has stood for Aussie values and traditions, jobs and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better healthcare, workplace equality and One Law for all Australians.

Peter Tadros
Federal Campaign Manager
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

Media Enquiries: campaignmanager@cdp.org.au

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