The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has today launched its Mobile Phone Application. We believe that the CDP is the first political party in Australia to release a ‘Political App’ for use on mobile phones allowing the public and members quicker and up to date access to federal election news, policies, and AEC information.

What does it do?

  • Allows you to have instant access to our Policies (as soon as they are released), Profiles (candidates and leadership team), contact details (phone, address, or direct electronic message), and the option to either join CDP or donate (securely) via your device.
  • Provides you with live/real-time CDP news (media releases, web stories, posts, and other custom content) as it is posted.
  • On rare and extraordinary occasions, it will allow us to notify you if there is any urgent news or information we need to share with you (for example, when the election is called!)


In the first stage of the launch the app will only be available on the Android platform, followed by the Apple iOS platform (the timeframe for this is determined by Apple).

(You may be interested to know that in 2015 Android had 56.1% market share and Apple just 34.9% (other platforms 9%). The trend continues to shift towards Android)

The App is a free download from the Google Play store (Android devices).

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone App will be available soon.

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