Same-sex marriage debate Censorship continues by Media and Politicians

Paul Kelly in The Australian wrote on November 28, 2015 asked the question can state recognition of same-sex marriage be reconciled with religious freedom? Great question.

But wait, is there a difference between religious freedom and religious tolerance?

For me religious freedom is the notion that people of religion can freely partake of the practices of their religion without opposition which would not only include private devotions, but also acts of religious significance within the realm of government whilst religious tolerance allows people the right to practice a particular religion outside of the realm of government, and prohibits them from bringing anything of even remote religious significance into the public sector.

So, as Paul Kelly rightly notes that the calculated assault on freedom of religious liberty in Australia is rapidly gaining pace with the focus last year in Tasmania where the Catholic Bishops of Australia face formal action on the grounds that their defence of traditional marriage contravenes anti-discrimination law. Where does all this anti-Christian pro-homosexual sympathy come from? Well it seems that both the left-wing Media and politicians (with the right-wing not far behind them) jockeying for the title of ‘Holier than Thou’ falsely assuming that such a ‘self-seeking title’ will make them appear to be a better human-being.

While religious tolerance is accepted, religious freedom appears to be waning. Why? Simply because the left-wing Media and Politicians continue their social engineering antics targeting the separation of Church and State. What has this resulted in? Damage to Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage. We are now told that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) activities are ‘normal’ – really? Simply logic tells you that the birth of child results from male and female union as it is impossible for conception to occur under GLBTI activity.

There is much damage left to be undone. Let’s undo it. The country deserves more than weasel words from its politicians and hollow crusading from its media.

The preservation of the legal definition of marriage must not be tampered with by forces imposing minority views on the majority. #VOTE1CDP

Greg Bondar
CDP Federal Director

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