On Nov. 3, voters in Houston went to the polls to vote on a number of issues including an “equal rights” transgender ordinance, a.k.a., “bathroom bill” which proposed a gender-neutral bathroom policy. The proposal was to allow transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

One would have expected it to pass fairly easily. Houston is a large, deep-blue left-wing city with a powerful openly lesbian mayor who had been re-elected twice. The ordinance had been overwhelmingly passed by the city council. To win the referendum vote, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all campaigned for it, as well as movie stars and major corporations such as Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, United Airlines, and others. There were threats from the NFL that if voters didn’t approve it, a Super Bowl in Houston would be jeopardized.

The LGBT lobby raised $3 million to make sure it passed – an enormous amount for a city election (and most of it came from out-of-state). They set up a sophisticated get-out-the-vote operation. On paper, this was a slam dunk. Three weeks before the election, a media-sponsored poll showed it would pass by 6 points.

But when the votes were counted, it lost overwhelmingly, 61%-39%.

What happened? The short answer is that unlike just about everywhere else, in Houston the pro-family leaders rolled up their sleeves and aggressively fought back, instead of being “moderate” and afraid they might offend someone. It’s what we as Christian in Australia should be doing everywhere – campaigning for our beliefs and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

In battles such as the “bathroom bill” the Left (particularly the media), and the minority LGBTI movement, resort to angry child-like name-calling (bigot, homophobe, racist, right-wing, hater, etc.) and hysterical insinuations against those who disagree with them (comparing them to KKK or Nazis). In the past, it’s had a fairly powerful intimidation effect. But that seems to be wearing out.

What can we learn from the efforts of the traditional family-minded heterosexual population in Houston?

Were it not for the legal challenge against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance which forced the ordinance to go before voters for approval, the LGBTI movement would have yet again gained another notch in their social engineering to force the 98% of the population, which is heterosexual, to accept that LGBTI is a natural way of life.

There is a lot to be done and we must keep up the good fight if we are to retain our Judeo-Christian heritage

The preservation of the legal definition of marriage must not be tampered with by forces imposing minority views on the majority. #VOTE1CDP

Greg Bondar
CDP Federal Director

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