Sydney and Australia has been shocked by Sydney’s first Islamic Terrorist attack on Monday 15th December 2015 by Man Haron Monis which was his fake name.

The attack took place at the Lindt Chocolate shop in at 53 Martin Place, corner of Martin Place and Phillip Street at round 10am where Man Haron Monis took hostages 17 people, mostly shoppers and staff.

The Police played a waiting game to try and conduct negotiations but made little progress.  During the 16 hours a number of hostages escaped the building.  It’s suspected that when he started to fall asleep the hostage Tori Johnson was trying to remove the shotgun and was killed by the gunman.  Another hostage, barrister Katrina Dawson, was deeply traumatised as she held up the Islamic flag at the window and later died of a heart attack.

Thankfully the Police attack was successful and no other lives were lost.  The gunman was killed in the Police attack.

A spontaneous display of flowers has grown in Martin Place as a memorial to the two dead hostages.  It was a privilege for me, with thousands of others, to lay flowers on this memorial.

The Rev Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, said many questions need to be answered concerning the gunman:-

How did he get a pump action shotgun?

Did he have a licence?

How did he get bail and avoid gaol?

How did he get the Dole? When did he get it?

Why he was not sent back to Iran to face criminal charges?

How did he get permanent residency or even citizenship?

Why was he not on the security watch list?

Was he cooperating with the Islamic State when he requested the IS flag?


Both Federal and State Governments need to urgently answer these questions!

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