Seventeen years ago, the CDP was on record warning the public about the slippery slope of radical legal reforms. Speaking on the Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Same Sex Partners) Bill 2000, we noted:

The Hon. ELAINE NILE [11.38 a.m.]: I will be brief in putting on the record my thoughts on this bill. The Christian Democratic Party opposes the bill. We do not see it as a human rights issue.

Some honourable members say that this bill has nothing to do with homosexuality. However, at the same time it has been lobbied for aggressively by the homosexual movement and is regarded by that movement as a great victory for their cause.

The use of the word “spouse” in this bill to describe homosexual same-sex couples helps to achieve their final objective, which is legal homosexual marriage.

They have achieved this objective in Holland just recently. That is why we have opposed in principle moves such as this which will lead to legal homosexual marriage. [Hansard page 11455]

Today, Rev Hon Fred Nile repeats the same warnings:

·     “We were laughed at then, but have been proven a hundred percent correct today.”

·     “Legislating same sex ‘marriage’ will effectively disconnect the institution from the traditional paradigm of a union between one man and one woman for life.”

·     “With this redefinition, there will be no real reason for radicals to stop continuing their demands – polygamy and polyandry will be the next frontier. Of course, it won’t stop there either.”


Media inquiries: Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC: (02) 9230 2478
Sharon Jones, CDP Office: (02) 9633 3255

Pic Credit: Caleb Ralston

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