The Christian Democratic Party’s Candidate for the upcoming North Sydney by-election, Silvana Nero, has today expressed her strong opposition to any changes to the GST.

“Any increase to the GST, let alone the suggested 50 per cent increase, will inevitably be detrimental to the many people and families whom are already struggling to cater for their household needs and costs.

“The proposal to broaden the GST to cover the items which are currently exempt, such as fresh food, is proof that the government has absolutely no concern nor consideration to the long-term health effects of such radical measures”, stated Silvana Nero.

The government is currently confronting major challenges in the funding and delivery of health care and there are escalating problems arising with the decrease in the health workforce supply and distribution. An increase to the GST has been proposed by the government as a solution to generating the funds required to sustain a deteriorating health system.

“There must be an overall strategic reform of our tax system which includes personal and business tax cuts and a review of payroll and stamp duty. A holistic approach is essential which needs to also address the evident health system inefficiencies and the fiscal benefits will then inevitably follow.

“The CDP strongly opposes any increase to the GST as it will be detrimental to the everyday Australian people who struggle to maintain a decent standard of living for their families”, stated Silvana Nero.

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