MEDIA RELEASE – 2021 05 12 – Shameless Anti-Semetic Attack Against Israel on Jerusaleum Day, the Christian Democratic Party Stands with the Israeli People!

Shameless Anti-Semitic Attack Against Israel on Jerusalem Day
The Christian Democratic Party Stands with the Israeli People!

Once again the only democracy in the Middle East faces terror as Islamist militants fire rockets into civilian areas. The recent violence started with Hamas giving the Israelis an ultimatum to withdraw their forces from Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque and the city’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Thankfully, Israel’s world class “iron dome” missile interception system went into action to intercept the incoming attack, however many rockets passed through the defence system causing destruction. The Knesset was evacuated and the Israeli air force struck targets in the northern “Strip” in retaliation. Three Israelis have so far been killed, along with 30 Palestinians. Other Islamist organisations that have threatened Israel include Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Rev Fred Nile makes the following comments:

–  “Once again our hearts go out to the people of Israel in this their time of fear and anguish.”

–  “We are heartened by the fact that justice and righteousness will always prevail in the end.”

–  “Israel has the support of all freedom loving people, and especially those who sympathise with a nation that has had a history of being oppressed.”

–  “I pray that peace will return to the region, and that when it does, it stays permanently, allowing the people to love and live and flourish.”

– “Those who have committed acts of aggression and violence will ultimately be held to account, if not by worldly authorities, then by the Authority of Heaven.”

Media inquiries:
Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC (02) 9230 2478 12 May 2021

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