4th March 2015

The Rev. Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has welcomed today’s announcement by the Premier on the tightening of laws against aggravated assault against children, such as rape.

“It is the duty of the State Government and the Judiciary to protect vulnerable children against assault and abuse in our society” said Rev Fred Nile.

The increased sentence now includes a life sentence for aggravated assault of a child under 10 years of age as well as 13 additional child assault offences in the non-parole period.

“The CDP is relieved that the Government is finally taking a stance against these evil criminal acts against children” stated Rev Nile “and has been committed to assuring that a victim’s rights are above that of the offender.

“This announcement, although overdue, clearly states that offenders will be dealt with harsher sentencing.

“Sexual assault for a child aged 10-14 years old is a mere two years, but Premier Baird has stated that that will be increased to 7 years.

“I believe that many people would still think that 7 years is still inadequate to such horrific crime. I urge the Premier to increase the sentence to 10 years” said Rev Nile.

Rev. Fred Nile has supported and recommended a paedophile register for many years.  “It is crucial that we adopt a paedophile register so that our priorities are focused to protect our children and not the identity of criminal sex offenders” he said.

“I urge the Premier to include in his initiative the establishment of a paedophile register for NSW.  We owe it to the safety and concerns of our community” stated Rev Nile, who was a Member of the Joint Select Committee on Sentencing of Child Sexual Assault Offenders in 2014.

Rev Nile has moved the Child Protection (Nicole’s Law) Bill—a bill for an Act to require the public to be notified of the identity and residential address of convicted child sex offenders; and for other purposes.  He will bring on this Bill for debate after the 2015 State Election when he is re-elected after 34 years in the NSW Upper House.


Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C.

Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Party
Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9230 2478 | Facsimile: (02) 9230 2098

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