The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Rev Fred Nile, is appalled at the Green’s Leader John Kaye’s misconceptions and claims regarding the Poles and Wires Inquiry Committee.

“The Greens, yet again, are misleading the public by complicating and combining the issue of renewable energy to poles and wires. They are two entirely different issues. The privatisation of poles and wires has absolutely no implication to the development of renewable energy.

“The Greens are either uninformed or are intentionally misleading the public, or a combination of the two, by associating the leasing of poles and wires to renewable energy which is a Federal matter, not a State matter.

“The Committee Inquiry into Poles and Wires will be similar in its process to the many Inquiries that I have Chaired in my 34 years in Parliament. The process won’t be any different from the past. Every aspect of concern will be identified, debated and thoroughly investigated. The Inquiry will be legitimately transparent and will also be open to the public.

“The CDP has stood by all pre-election promises regarding poles and wires. We can assure the public that we will stand firm on our commitments and requirements for the proposed poles and wires lease, including the guarantee to lower pricing for all users, guaranteed workers’ conditions and job security. We will also assure that all options are explored in the aim to maintain the ownership of poles and wires in Australia,” stated Rev Nile.

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