Over 200 guests shared in a special luncheon to celebrate the Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC’s 35 years of service in NSW Parliament.

The NSW Premier Hon Mike Baird MP presented Rev Nile with a commemorative plaque and quoted scripture in reference to Rev Nile’s achievements in Parliament – ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ (Matthew 25:23).

Other Guests at the celebration luncheon included the NSW Treasurer Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP and the Upper House Government leader Hon Duncan Gay MLC.

A large number of NSW Members of Parliament attended including Hon Pru Goward MP, Hon Leslie Williams MP, Mrs Tanya Davis MP, Mr Mark Coure MP, Mr Damien Tudehope MP, Mr Garth Ward MP, Hon Paul Green MLC, Hon David Clarke MLC, Hon Catherine Cusack MLC, Hon Scott Farlow MLC, Hon Robert Brown MLC, Hon Robert Borsak MLC, Hon Ben Franklin MLC, Hon Matthew Mason –Cox MLC and Hon David Shoebridge MLC.

The Rev Hon Fred Nile said “I was deeply moved by the many congratulations I received from a wide range of Members of Parliament and Community Leaders such as the Salvation Army Commissioner James Condon, as well as many ethnic leaders including the Assyrians, Coptic Christians, Chinese Korean, Italian and Greek communities, especially the Greek Consul General Dr Stavros Kyrimis.”

The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC renewed his vow from his maiden Speech on the 25th November 1981- (Quote) “In response to the wishes of more than 200 000 New South Wales citizens who voted for me, in this House I pledge myself to carry out the immediate objectives, so far as I can, of our independent citizens group with the help of God and the assistance of Members of both Houses”.

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC Brief Political Overview:

  • Elected on the 19th September 1981 with a record 9.1% of the vote (248,425 primary votes, with 296,854 votes including preferences), as a Christian minister in Parliament for an 11 year term as a Call to Australia Member to the NSW Legislative Council.
  • Re-elected for an 8 year term in 1991, 1999 (as a Christian Democratic Party Member), 2007, and again in 2015.

Extracts from Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC’s First Speech 25th November 1981:

‘I believe the people of New South Wales have elected me because they have been profoundly disturbed by some of the permissive developments in recent years— I would say over the past ten years at least—which are changing the moral and social climate of our State. Those developments cannot be placed at the feet of any one person or any one party. There are good men and women in this House, and in the other place, who share my concern and the concern of the citizens of this State about some of those developments, which are in fact part of a world-wide trend in western society.’

‘In response to the wishes of more than 200 000 New South Wales citizens who voted for me, in this House I pledge myself to carry out the immediate objectives, so far as I can, of our independent citizens’ group, with the help of God and the assistance of members of both Houses. First, I shall continue to give support to the family. I was pleased to hear the Hon. J. S. Thompson voice strong support for the family. That is encouraging. The family, I believe, is the God-given basic unit of society, the natural and basic unit of society which is entitled to the support and protection of society and the State as set out in the United Nations’ covenant. This means I shall promote the concept of family impact studies, family educational and medical benefits, low interest rates for home and housing loans, first family home finance plans, family and community planning in new areas and so on, to create genuine environmental centres that provide warmth, security and entertainment. Second, I shall do all I can to improve the protection of children, including the unborn, from all forms of exploitation and abuse such as drugs, pornography, vice and so on, and so help build their lives on a solid foundation of faith, hope and love, and wherever possible, in a secure and loving family environment.’

‘Finally, I would seek to build a caring and responsible society based on the Judeo-Christian ethic of the Bible, the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes which are upheld by other religions in this country and other countries of the world and by people of good will. I will do all lean to discourage the growth of greed and materialism, which is being promoted through various activities such as gambling and the permissive playboy philosophy. The early Christians, in Acts 17.6 were accused of turning the world upside down. Actually, they were turning the world, with God’s help, right side up. I hope and pray, with God’s help and your friendship and cooperation, to continue this apostolic ministry in this esteemed House.’

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