The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Rev. Fred Nile has expressed his support for the Prime Minister’s opposition to same sex marriage following the referendum result in Ireland over the weekend. “I fully support the Prime Minister’s opposition to same sex marriage. Despite having a close relation who is gay, the Prime Minister understands and respects the value of traditional families. As a Christian and a crusader for moral rights and for traditional preservation, I sincerely respect the Prime Minister’s strong stance on this issue.

“Opposing the legalisation of same sex marriage is not about ‘stopping Australia becoming a more modern nation’, as the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten recently claimed. To oppose same sex marriage is to be aware, informed and accountable for the social and moral consequences which would inevitably become apparent if same sex marriage is to be legalised? As is occurring in the USA.

“The majority would agree that there is no homosexual discrimination in our nation, the homosexual community have equal rights and opportunities, just as all citizens. Australian marriage laws are based on the traditional unity between a man and a woman, Gods natural procreation laws to all living beings. This unity is the basis to the traditional family circle with children having the right and privilege to both a mother and a father.

“The implications which inevitably arise if same sex marriage is legalised, is extremely and unethically detrimental to the values, beliefs and rights of the traditional family. Legalising same sex marriage will open the floodgates to same sex surrogacy, multiple partnerships adoptions and the fostering of children, hence denying the child a natural right to a mother and a father, this is unjust, unethical and a social injustice.

“The legalities of marriage in Australia must not be altered. Citizens, all religious leaders and politicians have a duty and obligation to oppose an unprecedented dangerous alteration to traditional values. The ultimate priority is to preserve and protect the traditional values of marriage And the interest and rights of the most vulnerable, the children. “I urge the leaders of Christian Church’s and religious institutions not to be complacent and to be outspoken on this matter. Religious leaders must fulfil their obligations and duties in guiding their congregations and in emphasising the importance of Christian and traditional teachings for over 6,000 historic years.

“It is time to realise that to oppose same sex marriage is not discriminating, it’s not bigotry nor is it being suppressive. To oppose same sex marriage, which ultimately wants to share the banner of the traditional marriage between a man and a woman, is to honour and respect the value and natural rights of traditional marriage.

“I need to emphasise again, Australian marriage laws recognise the unity of a man and woman and the homosexual community ethically cannot sabotage, nor be included in what is rightfully and legally protecting the rights of the traditional family,” stated Rev. Fred Nile.


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