The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party Rev Fred Nile has commended the Abbott Government for this week’s announcement declaring the intake of 12,000 refugee families which will be predominately from “very persecuted minorities” under our extended humanitarian program.

“It’s reassuring that the Abbott government has declared to adopt a stringent process guided by strategic policies to ensure the safety of our nation. Although our society appears to be sheltered from immediate terrorist threat, we must bare in mind that ASIO is currently investigating over 400 terrorist threats. There is evidently, a comprehensive level of anti-terror measures which have been adopted accordingly. The reality is, there is also a risk to Australian security concerning the proposed 12,000 refugee in take announced this week,” stated Rev Nile.

Some victims of the Syrian conflict who have already made it to Australia have warned that our government must be very careful about who we approve under our humanitarian program. Katia Alsommoh and her husband, Syrian Orthodox Christians, were personally interviewed by Lindy Kerin on ABC radio this week, stated that they fled their home in Syria last year and have been fortunate to have been granted humanitarian visas and now live in Western Sydney. Ms Alsommoh warned of the risks involved in the refugee intake and indicated that there were men who were evidently on Facebook and the internet that were with ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra that were in Germany and Sweden claiming refugee status.

“Europe is experiencing an influx of people, predominately men, 72% in fact are men. We’ve seen 1000’s of men forcing through the European boarders, on boats, on rafts relocating 1,000’s of men daily whom are entering via the shores of Europe. One must pose the question why only 28% of refugees are women and children? What are the factors causing millions of young, fit men to take desperate measures without their family, sisters and mothers? One predominant factor to consider is Syria’s compulsory conscription into the military, which currently is fighting the war against IS. This is one factor which poses many concerns and also questions the legitimacy of those claiming to be refugees and the factors which differentiate between refugee status and that of opportunistic migration.

“It’s also vital to question why some key countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are refusing to accept any refugees whatsoever. I urge the government to pose the questions and to put international pressure on the many capable countries which should help to alleviate the extent of the refugee crisis.

“Absolutely all possible measures must be taken to assure that Australians are safe from any possible detriments or harm. The CDP commends the Abbott Government for its initiatives in dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis which will assure that ‘very persecuted minorities”, which are undeniably the Christians and non-Islamic, which will be given priority to our humanitarian intake. I’m most pleased, as these measures will significantly reduce the risks of terrorist threats to our society,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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