The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has welcomed the PM Abbott’s decision today to increase the number of Syrian refugees. The CDP has in the past and today consistently called upon the Government to assure that persecuted and threatened Christian minorities fleeing the Islamic State war stricken regions are a priority in the increased quota.

“This dilemma is the most devastating and of the largest scaled humanitarian crisis caused by civil war. Many around the world were devastated by the image of the lifeless body of the three year old boy on the shores of Turkey on the weekend. Sadly, though the world can’t begin to imagine the scope of the inhumane atrocities, which continue to spread despite western world attempted interventions.

” There must be more done to halt and mark the end of these evil atrocities which evidently are ultimately aimed at eradicating innocent christian minorities. Australia and the world must address this crisis immediately so to save those whom are most threatened, the young, the old, the sick and the disabled, the mothers the children and families. Clearly, the world is aware that the Islamic State’s ultimate aim is to cleanse the entire region, eradicate all ‘infidels’, the non-believers, the non- Muslims entirely so to create a caliphate,” stated Rev Nile.

“The Coalition must assess short and long-term risks and the implications to the refugee intake initiative. Strategically, priority must be given to the innocent victims of this war whom are most threatened and are the ultimate initial target of the Islamic State. We must also consider priority to those whom can readily assimilate and embrace the Australian way of life – primarily those of the Christian faith.

“As this tragedy was unforseen, there inevitably remains hidden underlying dangers and threats worldwide. What was claimed to take months to control and to eradicate by the US, has tragically escalated and lingered with devastation, for way too long.

“It is vital that absolutely all measures and precautions are considered when reassessing the refugee policies, to assure that our nation, our citizens and our freedoms and rights are not compromised nor threatened by the intake of individuals with any degree of radicalised ideologies which are not legal nor tolerated in our country. As a nation, our goal and aim must be to assist the refugees which are at the highest risk of persecution, the most threatened by IS and the most vulnerable,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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