Rev Fred Nile, the Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has welcomed the recent Galaxy Poll, which clearly reveals that most Australians support the child’s right over same sex marriage rights.

The Galaxy poll of 1242 Australian respondents, found that three out of four respondents upheld the right of a child to be raised by their own mother and father, was more important than the right to same sex marriage.

“I’m most pleased that more and more people are now understanding, that to accept same sex marriage means to also accept stripping away a child’s natural rights,” said Rev Nile.

The Galaxy poll found 76 per cent of Australians agree that “where possible, as a society, we should try to ensure that children are raised by their own mother and father.”

“Same sex marriage is the deceiving gateway to other hidden agendas, including child adoption and surrogacy. Not only is that an injustice to a child’s rights, but by commoditising children as products, it’s an ultimate injustice to humanity, nature and simply an injustice to the miracle of life,” stated Rev. Nile.

There is a consequence that any state laws which presently prohibit same sex adoption or surrogacy will be overturned.

“The poll also found that 30 per cent of coalition voters would be less likely to vote for an MP who supported gay marriage. As Australians begin to understand the deceiving detriments of the homosexual agenda the results will continue to increasingly favour the child’s right over same sex marriage.

“The Coalition must adhere to the principles of the party’s policies and most importantly, to their voter’s expectations. I also urge the Coalition Government to crucially review and tighten the laws for same sex adoption and surrogacy to assure that provisions are in place to benefit the child’s rights, above all else,” said Rev Fred Nile.

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