Rev Fred Nile  promises the CDP Senate Candidates will be constructive not obstructive

Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE ( 19:18 :17): I support the Liberal-Nationals Government’s 2016-17 State Budget. I listened with interest to the Treasurer’s Budget Speech in the Legislative Assembly today at noon. The Treasurer detailed the many positive things that she and the Government have been able to achieve to make New South Wales the leading State in the Commonwealth. The Government will deliver a surplus of $3.4 billion in 2015-16, and that will increase to $3.7 billion in 2016-17.

I know we are all very concerned about jobs. In the Budget Speech a commitment was stated:

… to employ more front line workers—more teachers, more nurses, and more police—while also keeping the back office in check.

It also stated:

In the last year, NSW has created 141,800 jobs, almost two-thirds of the jobs added nationally.

That is a tremendous achievement. I am sure all members would agree with that. Also, the unemployment rate for New South Wales is at 5.2 per cent. It is now the lowest of any State in Australia. I am not embarrassed to say that the Christian Democratic Party [CDP] can take some credit for this budget, because it has always adopted a positive attitude to its role as a minor party in the Parliament, in particular to be constructive rather than obstructive, which we have seen occurring in the Federal Senate. The CDP policy since my election in 1981 has been to be constructive, not obstructive, and to be positive, not negative, especially as we have over the years shared in the balance of power, which we currently hold.

During the Greiner Government years when I held that balance of power with my wife, I received an urgent call from the Leader of the Government at that time saying that there had been a no confidence motion moved against the Greiner Government. My late wife and I were in Warsaw, Poland. They said, “We need to have you urgently fly back to Sydney because your vote will be vital in defeating the no confidence motion.” Because of the responsible attitude we hold, we jumped on a plane, flew back to Sydney, voted on and defeated the no confidence motion and flew straight back to continue our study tour in Moscow.

As we face the Federal election on 2 July, again a major debate is taking place concerning the role of minor parties in the Federal Senate because of the obstruction of the Liberal-Nationals Government that has occurred in previous years. I remember, as I am sure other member’s do, the actions of Mr Windsor, Mr Oakeshott and Mr Katter when they used their votes—even though they were elected from conservative, National Party voting electorates—to give their support to form the Australian Labor Party Government under Julia Gillard. Those are decisions that our party would never take part in.

Hopefully CDP candidates will be elected to the Senate. We have candidates running in all States—New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. We pray that they will be elected and they will carry out their role in the responsible manner that has been the policy of the Christian Democratic Party—to be constructive and not obstructive to the elected Government, to respect the mandate of the elected Government to govern Australia in accordance with the prayer that we offer every morning here in Parliament asking for God’s blessing that we might always, in all that we do, advance the glory of God and the true welfare of the people of New South Wales and Australia.


Authorised by Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC 1 Wentworth St Parramatta 2150 

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