Rev Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has commended Prime Minister Abbott, government ministers including Senator Abetz and Senator Bernadi as well as Church leaders who have clearly indicated that there is strong priority given to Syrian Christian refugee minorities in Australia’s humanitarian intake.

“This is a humanitarian crisis which must be compassionately, strategically and logically addressed. The political and military challenges can no longer be ignored and we must aim to achieve the best possible outcomes. Under the current desperate circumstances, it’s only logical to prioritise those whom are at greater risk of persecution, those who are the direct target of ISIS.

“The fact is, that ISIS has consistently stated and televised to the world that this is a religious war aimed at eradicating the infidels, the non-believers, the non-Islamic population. The Australian Islamic community leaders, who have called those in support of prioritising Christian refugees as bigots, need to understand that those whom are at the greatest risk of being killed and targeted are those with the Christian faith. The prioritising initiative is just a basic human rights measure which persecuted Christians, whom have evidently been the targeted victims, deserve. There is absolutely no denying the fact that this is a religiously driven war aimed at eradicating Christian monitories,” said Rev Nile.

“The Islamic leaders should be absolutely ashamed in undermining and suppressing the needs of the most vulnerable, the Christians. Christians have clearly been the ultimate target of the barbaric atrocities which ISIS have consistently revealed to the world. In the past year the world has witnessed Christians brutally beheaded, raped, enslaved for sex, slaughtered, mutilated and crucified all aimed at religious cleansing.

I commend Prime Minister Abbott, Senator Bernardi, Senator Abetz and all the Christian leaders, including Catholic Archbishop Antony Fisher for aiming to prioritise persecuted Christian refugees. All Australians must embrace the opportunity in supporting and welcoming the courageous Christians fleeing the dangers of this religious war which continues to be the cause of targeted inhumane atrocities and persecution,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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