The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party Rev. Fred Nile today noted that the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten today presented his proposed Same Sex Marriage bill to a less than half-full chamber.

“The fact that there were less than a handful of government members is most pleasing and it’s certainly a strong indication to us all that there are many who ultimately have reservations and oppose any alteration or redefining to the concept of traditional marriage.”

“Citizens, all religious and Church leaders and politicians have a duty and obligation to oppose any unprecedented dangerous alteration to traditional values that have been an important part of our Aussie culture. We have clearly witnessed that happen today with a positive boycott of Government Members in the Parliament whilst the opposition leader Mr Shorten delivered his proposed same sex marriage bill.”

“People must be assured that to oppose same sex marriage is not an act of discrimination, it’s not bigotry nor is it being suppressive. Society must understand that we must defend the values of traditional marriage and traditional families. The legalities of marriage in Australia must not be altered.”

“I urge all individuals, families, communities and religious leaders not to be complacent and to rightfully defend your rights.  The homosexual community representing less than 2% of the Australian population cannot demand nor impose their deviant ideology on historic traditional religious principles. Aiming to alter what has been historically and religiously sacred is directly discriminating against the rights of those who value such a traditional sacrament.”

“Traditional marriage must not be altered nor mocked by a deviant ideology. It’s outright wrong and unethical for the gay community to aim to redefine what a sacred blessing to the majority is.”

“Australian marriage laws recognise the unity of a man and woman and the gay community have no rights to sabotage nor be included in what is legally protecting the rights of the traditional family,” stated Rev. Fred Nile.

“We must acknowledge Almighty God the Creator gave to humanity the definition of marriage as between male and female. No one has the authority to change the creative purpose of Almighty God.” Stated Rev Fred Nile


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