Rev. Fred Nile, the Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, is appalled with the unprecedented move at a council in Marion, South Australia, which voted for the flying of the rainbow flag alongside the Australian Flag.

“The rainbow flag represents the promotion of homosexuality. This attack imposing the homosexual agenda is targeting our schools, youth, Australian society and it must be stopped.”

“The homosexual movement is continuously forcing and imposing their agenda onto our society. People have the right to disagree with the homosexual concept and have the right to honour their own beliefs, values and traditions.”

“The homosexual community must stop playing the victim, there is no discrimination, and there is though, the right and freedom of choice which the homosexual community continuously deny to other citizens.”

“Those who disagree with the concept of homosexuality must be proud to stand for their beliefs and not be forced to accept the immoral beliefs of a minority.”

“The abuse of the term ‘homophobic’ is been exhausted, Australian people must feel free to opposed the homosexual agenda. Homosexuality cannot and should not ever be considered nor accepted in religions including Christianity, Islamic and Buddhist, which have traditional teachings dating back 1000’s of years, forbidding homosexuality and declaring the act a sin.”

“Flying the rainbow flag promoting homosexuality is outright discriminating against all other beliefs and it’s simply a mockery to our Nation and its citizens. It is extremely offensive to the many citizens who fought for our Nation and for the majority who are patriotic to Australia and to the flag’s symbolic meaning,” said Rev Nile.

“The three crosses, St George, St Andrew and St Patrick acknowledge the principles and ideals of our heritage including parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the rights and representation of all citizens, equally.”

“Marion Council must respect and represent the community’s diverse views, beliefs, traditions and religion. The council must rescind the motion immediately and remove the rainbow flag. There should also be a legal review to assure that no such incident reoccurs,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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