The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Rev Fred Nile has expressed his concerns to the well-being ofchildren and teenagers in our society, following the released survey results of children’s mental health.

The Telethon Kids Institute at the University of Western Australia surveyed more than 6300 families and also provided children the opportunity to complete a separate, confidential survey. The result for Australia’s biggest survey into child and teenage mental health has been released today.

The data revealed that as many as one in ten children have mental health disorders including anxiety, ADHD and depression, some children are as young as four.

“These staggering results are extremely concerning. It’s evidently detrimental that young people are being pressured by too many challenges, changes and expectations from family and from our increasingly demanding society.” stated Rev Nile.

It’s estimated that 560,000 children are suffering with a form of mental health issues and 1 in 13 children aged between 12 and 17 have considered suicide and one in twenty had planned a place for the suicide to take place.

“There should be less emphasis on unrealistic targets, social status, materialism, careers and achievements. Our society should focus more on nurturing children and families, traditional values, self-enrichment and personal achievements.

“The research unfortunately didn’t identify the reasons for the increased statistics and there certainly should be additional funding to support further research into these findings. Furthermore, teachers and our education system must implement the appropriate measures to support children in need of care. Processes and policies must be adopted to combat these issues via the education system.

“Currently, the government funded, Safe Schools Program focuses primarily on the statistically minute issue of homosexual and gender issues in schools, which only affects to less than 1 per cent of students.

“It’s evidently a crucial time that the government should immediately reassess children’ priorities and address this matter, which is sadly affecting children’s mental health. The Funding and the curriculum of the Safe Schools program must also be adjusted according to today’s disturbing statistics of depression and anxiety in children,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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