It is estimated that 90% of Australian meat, including beef, lamb, chicken and fish, is “halal certified” as well as thousands of our supermarket products including bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bottled water, shampoo, dog-food, even chocolate Easter eggs, have been halal certified.

The rapidly expanding halal certification industry is imposing its Islamic tax on farmers, industry, transportation, retailers and customers in Australia. Halal certification is a $2.7 trillion per annum worldwide industry, predominantly catering for the Muslim dominated countries. Rev Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, stated that “Here in Australia, the majority of citizens are being discriminated against and have not been given their democratic rights or their freedom of choice”.

Following the current Hepatitis A contamination, the Federal Government is currently reviewing food labelling relating to the country of origin.

“Our labelling standards must be clear so that consumers can make informed decisions in accordance with their dietary requirements and religious beliefs. There are many people who choose not to consume halal products. It is wrong that the Government has allowed Islamic Sharia law to impose its rituals and religion on every Australian citizen” said Rev Fred Nile.

“According to the 2011 census, the Muslim population in Australia is 2%. Ninety eight per cent are non Muslim and non halal. Therefore this is discrimination against the non-Muslim population who do not want to consume food and buy products which have been prepared, handled, transported and prayed on by the Islamic god, Allah, in accordance with Islamic Sharia law” stated Rev Fred Nile.

“The Christian Democratic Party strongly opposes the imposing of Sharia law in Australia, including halal certification. “I urge the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, to make it a priority to investigate the halal industry and halal tax and also to include clear labelling of ‘halal’ and ‘non-halal’ on all products and food” stated Rev Fred Nile.


Rev. Hon. Fred Nile ED., L.Th., M.L.C.

Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Party
Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Telephone: (02) 9230 2478 | Facsimile: (02) 9230 2098

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