The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Rev Fred Nile, has condemned the deliberate target on Christians by Muslims which resulted in the drowning of twelve Christians in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The world is seeing an increase in Christians being abducted, enslaved, abused, raped, shot, killed, beheaded, crucified, burned alive and today the news has come through regarding more victims in the name of Islam. Twelve Christians were thrown overboard by Muslims for declaring their Christian faith” stated Rev Nile.

“A boat, like thousands which attempt the same desperate journey worldwide, left the shores of Libya overloaded with illegal Nigerian and Ghanaian passengers aiming to reach the Italian coast of Palermo. It appears that following a discussion on religion, Muslim passengers turned on the twelve Christian passengers and witnesses have stated that the victims were then violently thrown overboard.

“The CDP condemns this deliberate and brutal criminal act targeting individuals for their Christian faith. This, yet again, confirms the extent of the barbaric, inhumane acts which evidently some Muslims justify in the name of Islam. Dismayingly, there is evidence that such acts are also glorified and seen as heroic by other Muslim followers worldwide.

“My main concern which I have held for many years now, is the infiltration of potentially violent, fanatic Islamic individuals, such as these, who seek asylum on our Australian shores, some who have evidently, slipped through our system. It is the Government’s duty to ensure that all measures are taken to protect our democracy, our Judeo-Christian, Aussie values and our citizens from these Islamic- based dangers” claimed Rev Nile.

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