“I am very concerned about the proposed Euthanasia Bill, which the proponents have tried to make it acceptable with age limits, etc; but the principle is the same – Doctors are committed to saving lives not killing their patients”, said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

The last time we debated a similar Euthanasia Bill it was soundly beaten by 25 to 9 votes, in the NSW Upper House.

“The problem with this Euthanasia Bill is that it can be gradually amended, as in Belgium, with Euthanasia legal of fourteen year old children!”

“In a recent case, a woman who requested Euthanasia changed her mind so the Doctor said to her relatives please hold her down so I can give her the lethal injection!”

“Finally, Almighty God gives life and takes life, not Doctors!” said Rev Fred Nile.
Please refer to attached resource articles on Euthanasia.
1. Euthanasia: Are the Risks too Great? By Hon Daniel Mulino, Victorian MLC
2. Dutch Nursing Home Death: more excuses, more killing, by Paul Russell – Founder of Hope
For Media Interviews contact: Rev Fred Nile (02) 9230 2478 or fred.nile@parliament.nsw.gov.au


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