In his question to the NSW Parliament on Wednesday 5 November 2014, Mr Nile asked the following:


Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: I ask the Minister for Roads and Freight, representing the Premier, a question without notice. Is the Government aware that Liverpool City Council is considering buying brothel business leases and/or properties in an attempt to close brothels in the city centre of Liverpool? Is the Government also aware that under existing laws councils must apply to the Land and Environment Court if they want to shut down a brothel, with lengthy delays and expensive legal costs? What will the Government do to give councils absolute power to close brothels and reject brothel applications?

The Hon. Steve Whan: Tell us how you are defending these small businesses.

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I thank Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile for his question. I acknowledge the inane interjection by the Hon. Steve Whan—I will ensure that it gets back to the people of Monaro. I will take the question on notice. This important question indicates concern and shows the lengths to which councils will and are prepared to go. I will refer the question to the Minister involved and seek a detailed answer.

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