The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, leader of Christian Democratic Party, has criticised Premier O’Farrell for misleading ICAC and having close relationships with the head of Australian Water Holdings, Mr Nick Di Girolamo, which even if inadvertently led to misleading ICAC.

“Such a gift (over $500) must be declared by all MP’s in their Annual Parliamentary Return which Mr O’Farrell failed to do.

“Mr O’Farrell’s hand-written thank you note is now held by the ICAC confirming he did receive this bottle of wine.

“Mr O’Farrell should remember the ancient proverb from Troy “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.

“In these circumstances Mr O’Farrell had no option other than to resign as NSW Premier, an action for which I commend him and see as an honourable action”.

The Rev Fred Nile was the first MP to raise the alleged illegal activity of the Australian Water Holding Company draining large funds from the Sydney Water Corporation for Liberal Party Donations, expensive dinners, limousines etc.  Refer attached question and answer Rev Nile asked in NSW Parliament 25 March 2014:


Reverend the Hon. FRED NILE: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Roads and Ports, representing the Minister for Resources and Energy. What has been the impact on the viability, profits and benefits of Sydney Water to the State of New South Wales in view of the exorbitant and possibly illegal payments claimed by Australian Water Holdings Pty Ltd?

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: I thank the honourable member for his important question. I do not believe it is one for the Hon. Anthony Roberts but one for the Hon. Andrew Constance, whom I also represent. I am prepared to have a go at most questions but this is one of a technical degree that I suspect is beyond my incredible competence. I will refer the question to the Minister and seek a detailed answer.

NSW voters must use the next State Election in 2015 to vote 1 “No Corruption” and therefore vote for the Christian Democratic Party.

As a member of the Parliamentary ICAC Committee, I congratulate the ICAC for its efficiency in exposing corruption and the failures of reporting pecuniary gifts in the Parliamentary Register” said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

“Given this season of Easter’s message is a story of forgiveness and grace, Mr O’Farrell should be extended that forgiveness and grace and look toward the possibility of a new day” said Rev Nile.

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