The Leader of the Christian Democratic Party Rev Fred Nile is relieved that there are prominent nations around the world that have strongly rejected same sex marriage. Both Austria and Italy recently have taken a strong stance against legalising same sex marriage and had rejected the motion to take the issue to a vote.

The National Assembly of Austria rejected the motion with a 110 to 26 voting against the motion to legalise same sex marriage which aims to redefine traditional marriage.

“Austria and Italy have now joined many other nations around the world that have given priority to the rights of children over the selfish vested interest of adults, who aim to stripe a child’s natural rights and freedoms to a biological mother and father. It is inhumane to treat children as a commodity.

“Same sex marriage is certainly not inevitable. Australians must acknowledge that it’s now the end of the debate for all the adamant imposing forces of the left activists. The left and the Greens are consistently aiming to destroy Australian’s traditions, values and beliefs,” said Rev. Fred Nile.

“The homosexual community have selfishly played the victims to discrimination; they’ve unjustly instilled feelings of bigotry to those who reject their unethical social injustices. They aim to impose their unjustified views on our society without any concern of the inevitable detriments, emotional, mental and social harm, which evidently is inflicted upon children.

“The strong rejection of same sex marriage, in both Austria and Italy, fundamentally is a clear cut, indisputable reason for all Australians to take a stance against the homosexual agenda and entirely reject same sex marriage and proudly defend the values of traditional marriage and family.

“Following these pleasing results, which powerfully reflect the validation to righteously maintain and honour Australia’s current traditional marriage, I urge the Government to reject all pressures and suggested changes to our current marital laws,” stated Rev Fred Nile.

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