Rev Fred Nile Leader of the Christian Democratic Party has expressed his immense dismay to the legalisation of same sex marriage in the USA, by the Supreme Court.

“It astounds me that in a nation which declares itself one of the world’s most democratic, it only took five out of nine US Supreme Court judges to actively repudiate a nation’s entire history and denounce traditions. The dismaying legalisation of same sex marriage across the 50 States of the US is unquestionably, an injustice to cultural values and to the essence of the principles of traditions.

“Religious liberties and teaching of their principles that are historically valued and worshipped by many faiths, incomprehensibly, has been unprecedentedly compromised,” stated Rev Nile.

Religious liberties is the freedom of religious practice and conduct and the scope of that liberty is directly correlated by the restraints placed upon religious practice.

“It is inevitable, as Justice Thomas stated that there will be ‘ruinous consequences for religious liberty’. It is evident in other countries, including Canada which has legalised same sex marriage, that polarisation is inevitable; along with the demonization of all those who dissect from the new definition of marriage, including individuals, institutions and ideologies.

“Australians have the benefit of learning from the consequential detriments which other nations are now facing following legalising same sex marriage. One of the most detrimental factors is that the freedom of rights, beliefs, teachings and self-expression which are now no longer legal and are dealt with accordingly by the judicial system.

“The citizens of the US were unjustifiably denied their democratic rights when marriage was redefined by the judicial system, despite the advice of 54 law experts from 27 countries advocating for judicial deference. Democratic Parliaments must make these radical decisions not unelected Judges.” said Rev Nile.

There are only 19 nations of the 193 United Nations, which have changed the definition of traditional marriage or have legalised the unions which disregard male/female complementarity as no longer essential to the meaning of marriage. Only one nation, Brazil, out of the 17 nations did so by judicial decree. The other 16 nations legalised same sex marriage via the legislative process.

“The remaining 176 nations, including Australia, possess the ultimate advantage that is the opportunity to learn from the social, ethical and legal implications and inevitable detriments which other nations are now experiencing.

“We must not be fooled by the left activist propaganda; same sex marriage is not inevitable here in Australia. It is crucial that Australians are aware of the warnings and understand that evidently, there is an immense uncompromising detriment to every citizen’s rights and freedoms,” said Rev. Nile.

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