The Rev Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, was declared re-elected today to the NSW Upper House by the NSW Electoral Commissioner, Mr Colin Barry.

Please refer to the attached list of the elected 21 members, which will be added to the current 21 Members, making a total of 42 Members.

The overall composition of the Upper House will be Coalition (LIB/NP) 20; ALP 12; Greens 5; Christian Democratic Party 2; Shooters and Fishers Party 2 and the new Animal Justice Party 1; which will probably align with the Greens 5 Members to give them 6 votes.

“I sincerely thank all those NSW citizens who voted for me and so have allowed me to continue to represent the families of NSW, including the Christian Churches, as I have for the last 34 years” said Rev Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

“I also thank all our 93 CDP Candidates and our 20 Upper House Candidates, especially Rev Dr Ross Clifford and Mr Peter Tadros.

“Finally I thank all our CDP Prayer Partners, Coordinators, Polling Booth Workers, our campaign staff at our Parramatta Head Office as well as my Parliament House staff for their loyalty and support” said Rev Fred Nile MLC.

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