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News that the Federal religious protection bill has undergone a further 11 substantive
amendments in response to the numerous submissions received by community groups and
individual, is a welcome development. However, much work is still to be done to effectively
protect people and organisations of faith throughout Australia. Rev Fred Nile MLC makes the
following comments:

“A copy of the Christian Democratic Party’s bill to protect religious freedom was
provided to the federal Committee considering the Commonwealth legislation. This
was sent because our bill, which I introduced last year after extensive consultation with
a broad range of stakeholders, is a comprehensive guarantee of religious liberties.”

“The recent persecution of Israel Folau, which has not ended in light of the complaint
made against him before the Anti-Discrimination Board, is just one example of why
legislated protections are needed in Australia – and definitely in New South Wales.”

“Another example of the need to protect religious liberties is the manner in which the
NSW abortion laws were debated with respect to Christian medical practitioners, who
are now going to be forced to perform medical procedures against their conscience.”

“Media reports has vindicated that the federal proposed law, even after the 11 further
changes, will not protect Christian doctors who do not want to perform abortions. This
is an outrage. It defeats the purpose of the bill. It essentially says that on those
occasions when religious protection is most needed, it won’t be provided at law. My
fear is that the federal legislation will be nothing short of window dressing.”

“The debates over the federal bill only highlight one thing here in NSW: the need to
pass the bill which was introduced by me which comprehensibly protects the freedoms
of individuals and organisations of faith.”

“I support this Bill in principle but more work is needed for it to be viable”

Media inquiries:
Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC (02) 9230 2478
17 December 2019

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