Rev Fred Nile, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has welcomed the recent results of the ReachTEL poll, which was conducted in Bass and Lyons in Tasmania. The poll revealed that the majority in both Bass 52.1per cent and in Lyons 55 per cent did not support same sex marriage.

“The results confirmed that people are increasingly becoming more aware of the detriments and consequences of the proposal to alter the definition of marriage in our society.

“The majority have been aggressively manipulated to feel that the rights of the gay minority are being suppressed, when in fact, it’s the majority, those who support the rights of a child, the principles of the traditional family and the sacredness of the historical meaning of marriage, whom are the victims of a worldwide deceiving homosexual rights agenda. An agenda which aims to destroy the very core of humanity, natural procreation and the traditional family,” stated Rev Nile.

The ReachTEL poll reveals that 80 per cent of Green voters compared to only 30 per cent of Liberal voters, supported same sex marriage.

“It has been historically evident that the Greens do not respect the traditions and values of the majority in our society who value traditions. The Greens continuously aim to manipulate and aggressively attack any belief, tradition, religion or ideology which is contrary to their agenda, with no consideration for the detriments and consequences to the majority’s democratic rights and freedoms.

“The poll results today are most reassuring. It’s very clear that Australians are not adhering to the misleading lobbying attempts of the homosexual agenda. Australians must continue to strongly oppose same sex marriage. People must stand proud and defend the traditional and legal definition of marriage, preserve the foundations of the traditional family and most of all, protect the rights of the vulnerable, the child.” said Rev Fred Nile.

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