Following this mornings’ SMH’s article outlining the Christian Democratic Party’s position on the privatisation of poles and wires,  I urge the Government to justify their policy before a full public inquiry.

I seek a guarantee from the Government that no worker will be worse off under privatisation!

It is also crucial that the Government assures the community that their energy bills will not increase.

People don’t want privatisation that will only lead to profit and leave them with a burden of greater costs and bills.

The Government should listen to community concerns and that’s what the Christian Democratic Party has done for 34 years, it’s crucial in these circumstances – we listen to the voice of the community and defend their rights against the Major Parties.

The CDP holds the balance of power and we only will do what is best for the NSW community.

I call on all concerned citizens of NSW to attend our official Election Campaign Launch for the 2015 State Elections, at 7.30pm Blacktown Civic Hall, Friday 27th February.

Media Enquiries: Neveen Pavlatos : 0431 792 668.

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