As a respected leading music entrepreneur and filmmaker with over forty years experience in the entertainment industry and the director of the movement ‘Aussies Against Fracking’, Annie Wright mobilised the cream of Australia’s entertainers in the fight against the irreversible toxic damage to our land and water caused by the impact of Coal Seam Gas (CSG).

Ms Wright was responsible for the development of the careers of many big name artists both Australian & international including Abba, David Bowie, John Denver, Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, Jack Thompson, Greta Scacchi and many others.

Upon the invitation of the Hon Rev Fred Nile, Annie ran as the CDP Manly Candidate in the 2015 State Election on a platform opposing Coal Seam Gas (CSG), before being appointed as Rev Nile’s Environmental Advisor. Annie also ran for the Mackellar seat in the 2016 Federal Election.

Annie’s policy platform for the Manly By-election includes

  • Protect our Children – make the internet safe from porn;
  • One law for all Australians (no Sharia Law/No Halal);
  • put an end to Domestic Violence;
  • upholding Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion;
  • upholding traditional marriage;
  • withdrawing the dangerous  (Un)‘Safe Schools Program’;
  • pro-life;
  • and no Coal Seam Gas mining;
  • Hands off our Council

Ms Wright says her proven track record of producing positive results for the community has been the result of a dynamic, compassionate and caring attitude when tackling causes.

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