In Victoria, since 2010, the new and untested ‘Safe Schools’ program has been teaching children in many Government schools, about homosexuality and transgenderism in what they claim is an attempt to combat bullying. Children as young as 11 are forced to imagine and describe a situation where they are attracted to someone of the same gender. Encouraging children to access resources that teach them how to ‘bind their breasts’ to stop them from growing should they identify themselves as boys and teaching young boys how to ‘tuck away’ their genitals should they identify themselves as girls.

We are playing not only with fire, but with the innocence and minds of impressionable little children. This program is anything but ‘safe’.

Despite this Federal funded program being wound back and amended (although still not much better) after it received copious amounts of pressure, the Victorian premier has vowed to keep it alive, and to work towards making it compulsory for every government school in Victoria. This is the same program that both the Greens and Australian Labor Party openly endorse and commit to support if elected. Whilst the opposition last week vowed to remove the program if it wins the 2018 state election, it will be 2 years too late and so much damage will have been done.

The state government whilst preserving its constitutional afforded powers, must consider the concerns of the wider community, and respect and consider the federal government’s suggestions regarding amending the program, particularly ensuring that it is not taught in primary schools.

I believe:

  • Parents have the right to choose what they teach their children and at what age they expose them to sensitive information
  • Young children are impressionable and exposing them to an untested program is dangerous and careless of us all
  • It is important to teach children to love, accept and treat well all of their peers, regardless of their race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. As such, I believe there is a genuine need for a legitimate anti-bullying program and I am committed to removing the ‘Safe Schools’ program and working towards the establishment of a more effective and genuine replacement.

The Australian reports that there seems to be a blatant Marxist indoctrination of our children and our society. The founder of the ‘Safe Schools’ program recently quit after her offensive comments on Facebook were revealed. The comments referred to the Australian flag as ‘racist’ and that her ‘job would be done’ once it was replaced with a red, [Marxist] flag.

The federal government has a responsibility to protect our national interest, and should do what is necessary, including taking the appropriate steps to override state government defiance and protect the most precious Australians – OUR CHILDREN.

If elected, I will fight hard to ensure this occurs, and to assure parent’s around Australia that the Commonwealth will protect this generation from the exploitation and corruption of wayward state governments acting along a narrow, misguided and destructive ideological agenda.

Please join me as I fight to protect the innocence of our children and the future of our great nation.

Media Enquiries:
May Hanna – Senate candidate –

Authorised by Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC [NSW] (CDP Federal President), Christian Democratic Party, 1 Wentworth St Parramatta 2150

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