Following on from last year’s victory in The Northern Rivers with Metgasco accepting the Government CSG licence buyback offer (rendering the area Gas Industry free), further NSW CSG licences have been cancelled.

The recent announcement of AGL’s decision to abandon its plans for an industrial gas field in Gloucester, to fast track its exit from CSG production in Camden, and its plan to sell off their QLD assets has been hailed as a victory for the community and the environment.

“As leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), my heartfelt praise goes to the brave, tenacious people of Gloucester, Camden and The Northern Rivers. You never gave up and never gave in.

This is a real life David & Goliath victory.

I also commend the tireless efforts and courage of the men and women with the ‘Lock the Gate’ and ‘Our Land, Our Water, Our Future’ alliances, who doggedly and lovingly supported the farmers and country folk in their fight to protect their land from a gas field invasion,” said Rev Nile

The CDP called for a Moratorium in March 2015 with Greens Jeremy Buckingham in support of The Moratorium bill, which was presented to the Government in August 2015.

 Well done Jeremy Buckingham for your fearless, unrelenting fight for the country people and the environment of New South Wales. We have seen contaminated leaks from coal seam gas projects in the Pilliga State Forest and in Gloucester. Water, agricultural production, and the protection of our forests and farmlands along with the health and well-being of our communities must come first.


Political decision making must represent these values against the short-term gains of a short-term industry. We will continue to stand with you for a clean sustainable future,” said Rev Nile

Authorised by the Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

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