The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, leader of the Christian Democratic Party has condemned the Greens Party anti-life Abortion Bill which has been introduced into the NSW Parliament.

“This anti-life Abortion Bill confirms the double standards of the Greens Party which strongly condemns the live baiting of baby rabbits, but is indifferent to the death of unborn human babies” said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC.

It will also abolish all abortion Laws in NSW which are essential to protecting unborn babies.

They are also inconsistent in their supportive policies for protests by introducing a new law establishing exclusion zones around abortion clinics in NSW. This anti-democratic law has already caused a Christian Graham Preston to be fined $3000.00 in Hobart Court for holding a placard outside the abortion clinic stating:

“Every Child has the right to life, Article 6 of the UN Convention on the Right of the Child.”

The bill also opposes the doctor’s right for conscientious objections to performing abortions or referring for abortion.

“I call on NSW MP’s to vote against this Greens Party Anti-Life, Anti-Democratic Abortion Bill,” said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC.

Download a copy here of the Greens Bill introduced by Hon Mehreen Faruqi.

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